With DDK,

Since the company foundation in 1995, DDK has been striving to develop advanced technologies in petrochemical industry, especially in tools for
pelletizing system. Such efforts from DDK led the expansion of the company every year, now extending its sales range to Asia, Europe,
South America, Middle East and so on.
Over the course of our history, DDK has successfully raised its name value and built a strong position among the industry.
DDK provides all complete range of high-quality die plates and knives for petrochemical production, offering outstanding-class product quality to
the customers in the most efficient and economical terms.
Our achievement includes development of the special NIKRO brazing process and innovated powder metallurgical carbide material, which creates
best tools with greatest wear resistance, corrosion resistance and longer life time.
With our philosophies-technical innovation and best quality, we will continue to put forth great efforts to develop outstanding products and
technologies, achieving ultimate customer satisfaction.


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