Die Plates

DDK has been developing and manufacturing pelletizing die plates since 1995.
DDK manufactures all types of die plate under customer designed to fit each of applicaitions and provides technical supports.
Especially, the die plate surface out of Titanium carbide in segments design is innovated by DDK with own special brazing procedure which has
been verified outstanding performance.
With more than 30 years of field experience and development, DDK will provide definite solution in creating high quality pellets as your best

Wear Protection Design
Titanium Carbide (TIC) in Segment brazed
Titanium Carbide (TIC) in Cylinder NIB inlayed
Tungsten Carbide (TC) in Cylinder NIB inlayed
Tungsten Carbide (TC) in Tile


Segment Brazed

Cylinder NIB Inlayed

Body Material
DIN 1.4000 (SUS403)
DIN 1.4545 (AISI 15-5PH)

For all type of plastic production
Heating medium by steam up to 60 bars and oil up to 300C
Product pressure up to 300 bars
High or low pressure designs
Main size of die plate up to Ø1,500mm

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